Tricks for the crew

07/01/2015 19:36
to make this a trick with Group races money
goes to the big faction race buttoms and choose your friends to drive the race for you, your friends will only run virtually in they sent notice anything from the race :) requirement for this is that you have many friends .....
as some race presuppose 2 player send off (100%) you have to have at least 30 friends to run for the drive (2 x race for each part of the country East, South, Central, Mountain States, West.
If a mission is too hard for you, invite your friends to form a crew and go as the crew missions, thereby the possibility of increasing the wins and all others get at least bronze and have the mission accomplished. (Later you can access the mission with a higher gelevelten Cart repeat in order to achieve better results).
If you have the PVP race to win prospects want your car must have a minimum level score of 1200 (the highest possible level 1299) ....... is achieved by repeatedly moving the test. for almost all car classes to jump contests best for the rally car I recommend the Mountain A climb up but you have the platinum level often repeat thus obtaining the highest scoring (47-50) gets the Platinum level (ie try again and again because it is a lottery process)