New Cars for TDU2

11/04/2015 01:05

here are new cars for the update 0.4 from Xarlith


The main idea of this pack is adding new cars at the dealers and fixing bugs at some cars.In this first part of the pack is added 11 brand new vehicles and 1 new bike.Here the list with new vehicules and where are they placed:

1.Subaru BRZ - created by Xaxonin Roman and StarGT, no sound for now (use base sound from the game), - placed at Japan dealer at ibiza

2.Ferrari f50 -created by Reventon, improved By StarGT, sound by mitkop81 - placed at Itallian Classics in O'ahu

3.Ferrari 458 italy spyder - created by Nightwolf,improved by StarGT, (original sound from the game) - Placed to Ferrari dealers

4.Mclaren F1 - created and improved by StarGT, sound from Greg69, placed at British dealers

5.Maserati GranTurismo Sport - Created and improved by StarGT, sound from Ruslan, placed at Alfa/lamborghini dealers

6.Lamborghini Diablo SV - created and improved by StarGT, sound from twinturbo250, placed at Itallian classics at O'ahu

7.BMW S1000 RR -created and improved by StarGT, sound from ducatti Desmosedici (original), placed at bike shops

8.Mercedes A45 AMG - Created and improved by StarGT, sound from Phill, placed at Mercedes dealers

9.Citroen DS4 - Created by Kiborg-dva, Improved by StarGT, sound by mitkop81, placed at European car dealers

10.Wiesmann GT MF5 - Created by Kiborg-Dva, improved by StarGT, original wiesmann mf3 sound, placed at British car dealers.

11.Lancia Delta s4 stradale - Created by Kiborg-dva, Imrpoved by StarGT, sound by mitkop81, placed at Itallian Classics at Ibiza

12.Ferrari F2012 - created by Gramadchukov, improved by StarGT, sound by Damys, placed at Itallian classics at O'ahu.

Fixed, improved, added and changed files at the original game: 
Fixed camerasingame - created by Kiborg-Dva 
New number plates - created by Fussel 
Ferrari FXX - fixed and improved characteristics 
Ferrari Enzo - Fixed max revs, fixed gears... 
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 - Fixed specs and change class to A1 
Audi R8 V10 Coupe - fixed grad coefficient 
Dodge Viper ACR - unlocked because of bug with atari token sistem 
Added brands at tuning shops - Maserati, Wiesmann and FERRARI!!! 
Changed gauges of Ariel Atom V8 - now is universall gauges for unworked digital gauges 
Added new gauges for every new car at the game. 
Dodge Ram SRT10 - improved model 
Saleen S7 twinturbo - improved model 
Chrisler 300c - improved model 
Chrisler 300c SRT8 - improved model 
Camaro SS - improved model 
Camaro ZL1 -imrpoved model 
TVR Cerbera Speed 12 - improved model 
Saleen S5S Raptor - improved model 
Shelby GT500 - improved model 
New logos for RUF, Citroen,Hummer,Kawazaki, added logos for Porsche and Mitsubishi. Rename Saturn to Porsche and Cadillac to Mitsubishi. 
Added new number plates. Imrpoved interior cameras for some cars, added camera for Mclaren F1 and Ferrari F2012.

Database created by mitkop81, based to Xarlith's UP.04.

Know Bugs: Some of new gauges is not perfect adjusted to the displayed speed, little missmached indications. 
Ferrari F50 interior speedometer - too fast reach, can't be fixed 
Ferrari F2012 - front tires go over front diffusers at the cornering, maybe not perfect sizes of the body. 
Subaru BRZ - haven't own sound, car paints not worked in the car dealer 
Citroen DS4 - base lancia delta s4 sound from the game, not worked body paint at the car dealer

Special thanks to StarGT, Kiborg-Dva, Xarlith, Fussel, Greg69, Reventon09, Nightwolf, Damys, Ruslan, twinturbo250, Phill, Gramadchukov and every other modders that make this pack possible. Please forgive me if i miss someone. Special thanks for help from Xarlith with fixing database problem of BMW S1000RR and adding new rim set for Citroen DS4.

Important!!! This pack work only with unpacked game versions.Fully compattible with UP 0.4, and uncompatible with other created packs.

For the instalation you need clean unpacked game with UP.04. For games withougt UP0.4 im not sure what will be happened, is possible to have bugs. Make backups to folders database, frontend, sound and vehicules. Uninstall: delete folders database, frontend, sounds and vehicules and place again your backup folders. Extract files from the archive at the main directory of the game.

Alternative intstalation - just start setup exe and follow the steps. Uninstall is from AutoPack Uninstall.