23/02/2017 17:19
Happy Birthday Papa Manfred :)  


23/12/2016 18:21
I wish everyone who is still reading a Merry Christmas and a good slide in the new year, maybe we see in the new Testdrive ifs any time come   Ich wünsch allen dies noch Lesen eine frohe Weihnacht und einen guten Rutsch vielleicht sehen wir uns ja im neuen Testdrive wenns den irgendwann...

Happy Birthday

23/12/2016 18:13
Happy Birthday Gibizeph :)

X - Mas

25/12/2015 09:06
Hello there, Yes, like every year also this ...)))) Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all drivers,   Wishes you Paradise Running

Meet Friends

07/09/2015 18:44
Hello friends, Actually, I have nothing to write, there is no news that are from Interest enough .... but have after a long time yesterday meet a few friends of TDU2 in the team :)        

The Crew

18/05/2015 18:18

New Car

19/04/2015 10:11
Here new Car from Star GT :)

New Cars for TDU2

11/04/2015 01:05
here are new cars for the update 0.4 from Xarlith  https://forum.turboduck.net/threads/32915-Test-Drive-Unlimited-2-AUTOPACK-First-101 + TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 A U T O P A C K 1.0.0 +  ============================================================ The main idea of this pack is adding new...

Happy Birthday

24/02/2015 17:09
Happy Birthday  Papamanfred :)

Tricks for the crew

07/01/2015 19:36
hello, to make this a trick with Group races money goes to the big faction race buttoms and choose your friends to drive the race for you, your friends will only run virtually in they sent notice anything from the race :) requirement for this is that you have many friends ..... as some race...
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