Said dead game ?

haboet | 02/10/2013

I 'm in the last days times as seen through the forums ( even had time to do during the server crash ...) and read through the opinions about TDU , and more and more agitated with the head which shall be made known for opinions about TDU2 ..... because the game is so torn
as if it was a shithole , statements like the game is dead , there is no community, impassable , bad graphics bad physics mind you had already played by critics TDU 1, and are absolute professionals in this area. It must be said the individual had the game after the appearance alluded to and then never again ....... ( Statements like the last time I had looked into it a year ago ......) are not necessarily for me Ausagekräftige opinions . Probably the one who was going to have a heart attack and he should burn his PC again go into the game , connect, connections to shape (straight friends or club members ) are more difficult one to be thrown up twice in the evening from the game already is good form .
But the game is running ! I find the graphics still excellent , the gameplay itself ( because if it is running) and stable community?
there is no day where not at least 3 or 4 friends are online, sometimes you have problems that too much to want to ride on a cruising tour and a second group is opened , there are still players from the early days of TDU2 or TDU1 online undaunted their kilometers shut down have their fun.
Naturally limits have been set at the beginning of times softened , modding was right at the beginning of our new club not an issue ( when I look for Tookens buy a car and then in the game again to pay for it , I also have the right to Brush the vehicle as I wish there would not be any different in the real world , would like to see the car salesman which requires me to look like the car has ......)
but when someone has reached honestly all you can achieve in the game , as it tried because with the additional programs like this, I 'm the last of it würde.Solange accuse the one deceives no one with whatever another player , it is me today not really matter .... Unfortunately now grasieren the cheats like crazy just for the novice ,
and the kids know not at all how much more fun it is to achieve success through their own efforts , (additional mission of Ford Mustang GT500 Bella Tarida Cala Tarida to drive to get the car in the prescribed time to the finish without changing the setup
has cost me two days and about 50 attempts) when I drove through the finish I was at that moment the king of the island :) .
And Atari wants about the issue and we need not speak , yes.
What I reproach the critics that it is a game and it's just a " game" broken talk of hatred of the manufacturers and operators ,
you did not just observed without the game to accept as it is just stop when I slightly do not like ok , take back and not talk about it, but public speaking ill of the foregoing reasons, I find the game not fair .
Please also addressed the audience , but your opinion writes to my guestbook ....
Maybe I'm too trusting or not versed enough to voice my opinion.

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PapaManfred2 | 22/07/2013

04.07.2013 19:11

hier nun unser neues Forum, das alte zieht mit rein- wenns klappt- ansonsten starten wir neu)))). Leider klappt es nur über die externe Verlinkung- aber ich konnte es so einrichten, dass es nur ein Klick hin und einer zurück auf unsere Seite ist.

here is our new forum, the old moves with pure-wenns works-otherwise we restart)))). Unfortunately, it works only on the external link-but I could set it up so that it. Just one click down and one is back on our side

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